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Frequently Asked Questions


Is union carpentry a stable career?

While we can’t predict or guarantee full employment 52 weeks of the year,¬†thousands of members have made a comfortable living working as a union carpenter. Just like any construction company, our contractors have to deal with forces such as mother nature, outside funding and the economy. Being in the union affords contractors and members full access to resources that emphasize the importance of organized labor on a daily basis.


What kind of work does a union carpenter perform?

A union carpenter is much more complex than some realize. As soon as a construction project begins, union carpenters are there building the concrete form work or driving piles. From there, union carpenters are framing the building whether it is wood or metal framed. We perform the interior drywall and metal stud installation as well as the ceilings, floors, finish work, millwork, doors and hardware and windows.


What does being a union carpenter mean for me?

Being a union carpenter mean you have a membership and staff representing you at the collective bargaining table. The union provides high-caliber classes and training that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere, including training for those just entering the field. The union guarantees a clear, equal wage, pension and health insurance and provides opportunities for advancement at every stage in a carpenters’s career.


How do we help the carpenters we don’t directly represent?

The carpenters union is dedicated to creating and maintaining high industry standards for all carpenters in the field.¬†Regretfully, there are still contractors in the field who profit by skirting applicable employment laws. When these contractors bid on work, they are able to do so at an unfair advantage on the backs of their workers. We utilize every legal form of recourse available to us in our efforts to end these practices and create a fair playing field for all carpenters. If you’ve seen the carpenters union conducting a rally or demonstrating in your area, be assured there was justification for it.


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