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May Day March 2017

On May 1, members and representatives of Carpenters Local 94 marched shoulder-to-shoulder through Providence with a plethora of community and labor groups in a city-wide display of working-class solidarity. This year’s march was organized by Rhode Island Jobs With Justice¬†with a great deal of support from Fuerza Laboral.

Issues and causes represented during the march included the Providence Community Safety Act, immigration reform, women’s healthcare, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, worker’s general rights, our foreign policy, racism and gentrification. Each of these issues represent the struggles of the middle class,¬†which are inseparable from a holistic labor movement.

May Day is a global celebration of the organized labor movement. The May 1 date was chosen to commemorate the Haymarket riot in Chicago in 1886, a general strike that was organized after several workers were killed by police the previous day. May Day strikes, marches and demonstrations since have been largely responsible for the eight-hour workday we enjoy to this day.

Carpenters Local 94 is proud to march in solidarity with our working class brothers and sisters in Rhode Island, as community issues are working class issues and human rights are worker’s rights.